Friday, 31 January 2014

happy new year!

Becky says you can wish people a happy new year throughout January, so I thought I'd sneak in under that deadline this evening and say a quick hello. [Not that I'm hugely into the whole New Year thing because it all seems a bit arbitrary; was it a Roman emperor or someone who decided we'd change the numbers at that point every year? I would get much more into it if we celebrated on the solstices.]
Pipes in a back corridor of Ally Pally
It's been a while, hasn't it? I haven't done a huge amount of sewing for myself lately, although I did do a lot of very last-minute Christmas gift-making. I also pulled all my fabrics out onto the floor, re-folded them, and put them back in the sideboard, and I might have bought a pattern or two in the sales... As ever, lots of dressmaking plans and not much actual dressmaking. Have you seen Sarai's Wardrobe Architect series on the Coletterie blog? I'm following along with interest but not always entirely doing the homework. I want to be someone who doesn't spend too much time thinking about clothing, fashion, etc. But I also don't want to be someone who looks like they never give a thought to what they wear. Is there a sweet spot somewhere in the middle, where you can have nice clothes, that suit your life and feel good and maybe even express something positive about you to the world, without having to put a huge amount of time and energy into it? To what extent is fashion/style an acceptable preoccupation for a feminist? I think there's probably room for these kind of questions in the process Sarai's suggesting, and if it can lead to more well-directed crafting then it's got to be a good thing. Sometimes all the ideas and possibilities for sewing can feel overwhelming (and lead to no sewing at all, or half-finished projects), so I'm interested in the Wardrobe Architect project as a way of working out what I really want to make and which ideas might best be let go.
Some of the lovely scraps Megan gave me (she also brought
a gorgeous handmade tile from a pottery in Ann Arbor)
This month I had the chance to meet an internet craft friend in real life - the first time I've done so. Megan got in touch to say she'd be in London for a few days, and would like to meet up if it wasn't "too weirdo". We already knew that we were both sewing, baking, music college graduates, and Scorpios to boot, so it seemed a safe enough bet - and we were right, it wasn't weirdo at all and in fact we met up twice. Megan also did some piano practice at my parents' house (she was here for an audition) - quite a treat for that poor piano that is usually subjected to my and my dad's amateur clatterings (cello is my main instrument and I just dabble in piano; Megan's a proper pianist who dabbles in cello!). All round a very good first experience in meeting up with craft buddies from the interweb - have you met online friends out in the real world? How did it work out?