Thursday, 28 April 2011

start small

I've been trying to cook up The Perfect First Post for a month or two (Florence has been waiting!) so of course it's eluded me.  One of the things that persuaded me to start a blog was John Gielgud's character, Cornelius Cardew (presumably named after the radical composer, otherwise that's quite some coincidence), in the very good film The Shooting Party.  I thought, "I could write a diatribe or two," and decided that blogs are the new pamphlets.

Well, maybe a diatribe will emerge naturally later on.  But for now, none is forthcoming; so, like the nummulite himself, I'm starting small.  Here are a few things that are going on at the moment:

I've just moved into a new home and am highly displeased [OK, perhaps I could have made a diatribe out of this] to find that the council won't collect my kitchen waste for composting, because I live in a block of flats, not a house.  The first week, I collected the kitchen waste as usual and then put the bag inside a black bin liner and into my rucksack, to take it to my parents' house since the council collects theirs.  But... even through the evil plastic bag it smelled so bad that I ended up going to the lift via the garbage chute.  I'm trying to think of a solution, preferably one that doesn't involve me and my boyfriend sharing our flat with worms - please email with suggestions!

I'm making a patchwork quilt out of old t-shirts, with a filling of old woollen blankets.  I got slightly carried away in the initial stages so it's 2mx2m.  Probably a bit big for a first quilt.  Anyway...  I'm at the quilting stage now.  Encouraged by some helpful guidance from Victoria, who makes beautiful quilts, I'm quilting by hand - and I've done nearly six sixteenths (who's counting?!).  This'll be blogged about at greater length, I promise.

Spring...  I've moved from a relative park-desert to a much greener area, and it's definitely good.  When the window's open at night I can smell trees, which is surely how it should be.

That's it!  Thanks for reading this far, and sorry about the layout.  Hopefully I'll fathom the intricacies of Blogger before too long...