Saturday, 8 December 2012

Festive crafting

Preparing for a quick trip up north to have an early Christmas celebration with relatives, I opened a box to retrieve some plain gift-tags, and found them sitting right between my leaf stamp and the green and red inks. The lower case letter 'o' from my much-loved alphabet set stood in as a berry stamp. I liked those first few, so I went into mass-production mode. An off-cut of heavy cream card left over from making a birthday card last week yielded another 16 small (about 3cm x 5cm) tags. More than enough for this Christmas, I think. 
I got extra thrifty with the string: it's what holds the beetroot and potato bags closed in our veg box. I have quite a collection.
My family have come to expect extra-special gift wrapping from me every Christmas. It's getting exhausting to maintain my own standards, though (the vintage paper tablecloths of a few years ago, with matching tags handmade in the shapes of the motifs on the paper, were probably the peak), so this time around these little stamped tags are as fancy as it's getting.
I've let myself mostly off the hook with presents, too - that is, I'm not making them all. There's a glut of birthdays in my family at this time of year, so I've knitted and sewn plenty of presents in the past few weeks. I'm nearly crafted out. People will receive shop-bought Christmas gifts (still strictly no pointless garbage or novelty nonsense, of course), and it will be fine.

How about you? Are you in a festive crafting frenzy? Or taking it easy?