Tuesday, 15 November 2016

care* package

*: Care for the world, care for ourselves, care for the world and ourselves as a part of it.

Traumatised by the election result? A psychotherapist's recovery guide (written for us Brits after last year's general election but transferable, I think, to anyone who needs it)

Not a style of music I'd usually listen to at all but this track has been shown to reduce anxiety by 65%! (And here's more of the same)

Okay, the world's gone nuts [video] - Russell Brand himself is proof that radical change is possible!

"the force most responsible for creating the nightmare in which we now find ourselves wide awake: neoliberalism" - Naomi Klein's analysis; more about neoliberalism from George Monbiot here

Autocracy: Rules for Survival

Perspective  [video] - Laniakean and proud..

Choose your history [video]

From 2012: "This social movement can’t achieve its goals if people think it’s essentially some kind of niceness revolution." This seems like an important point for the sewing blog world, which is so extremely nice.

A Wild Love for the World [audio] - and so many other fascinating and wonderful episodes of On Being; hours of heartening, deepening, and important conversation there

"The most fundamental part of a new plan is this: do not do the same damn thing all over again and expect different results" - from a writer who saw this coming and still somehow didn't expect it

For those of us not in the US, let's not to be too distracted from what our own governments are doing

Long watch from way back in 1992: Manufacturing Consent [video] (short extract here about how the media frame and limit debate, and the relationship between media and advertisers)

A favourite guided meditation: may all beings awaken, and be free [audio]

And the background of the term "care package", which I knew nothing about until today

p.s. A few of these links are from The Guardian, and you might notice them asking you to donate money to the newspaper. As much as I like some of their writers, The Guardian isn't always the progressive force it should be, and it's awash with big-money advertising; if you've got money to spare there are media organisations that I consider more in need and deserving of donations (e.g. Morning Star, Democracy Now!) - not to mention plenty of charities and NGOs.

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