Friday, 28 February 2014

one of those friday link lists

I'm trying to write a knitting follow-up to my sewing supplies post but it's not going too well. You know when you just can't shape the words right? I'll keep at it. In the meantime, here are some good bits of internet - not necessarily hip new bits:

Ballet dancers do sewing [video]

The secret of the British cycling team's success seems like it might work for all kinds of things, including crafting

Some stuff that everyone in Britain needs to know about the floods (hope you're keeping dry)

Dudley Moore, always and forever [video]

One of north London's best-kept secrets was named Museum of the Year 2013 - and it's free to go in

A Buddhist take on perfectionism [audio] (and a crafter's take on it as well)

Just in case you, too, forgot to go to Harvard

Obligatory cat video

Have a good weekend, people!


  1. Interesting article about the flooding....

    Next time I am in London, the William Morris museum is on my go-to list.

    And yay, Dudley Moore. I secretly want to be a pianist-comedienne.

    Happy weekend to you too.

    1. The secret's out now, Megan - next time you're in London you're doing a show (at the WM museum?)! x

  2. What a great list of inspirations! The video about the ballet shoes is wonderful and touching somehow; I am reading a book by Tara Brach right now, I will listen to the audio while sewing this weekend!; very interesting, that approach of "aggregation of marginal gains" - totally applies to taiji and I am sure to crafting; those quilts are amazing and I love Maru ;-))) Thank you and enjoy your weekend! Ute

    1. Hi Ute! Is Tara Brach's book good? There are loads of talks on her website, I find them lovely to listen to while hand-sewing or knitting (even if you have to stop occasionally to do the meditations). Her whole manner is so warm and reassuring.

    2. Hi, I am reading True Refuge and I really like it, her style of writing also feels like she is talking to you. But those audio talks sound wonderful! Ever since I became sewing crazy last year I don´t read as much as I used to. And I am sure her general ideas /approach are also conveyed by the talks. I am going to check them out!