Thursday, 12 July 2012


I've shared a link to Chris Jordan's astonishing photographs from Midway Atoll before. Chris is a  photographer who's using his art to tell us something important: on the tiny, wild islands of Midway, in the middle of the North Pacific, our plastic garbage is killing sea birds. Now he and his team are working on a powerful film about the beautiful Midway albatrosses.

This isn't the kind of project that gets sponsorship from multinational corporations; the 'product placement' in this movie won't be the sort they want! So the team are using Kickstarter to raise the funds they need - which means that those of us who care about the tragedy on Midway can make sure the story gets told. Because of the way Kickstarter works, a project has to receive pledges for the full amount it needs in order to get any funding at all, so that nobody's money goes to waste. As I write, the Midway Film Project has been promised about two fifths of the money needed to finish the film and share it with a global audience, from over 1,200 individual donors. They need pledges for the remaining $20,000 before 18 July! You can offer them any amount from $1(US), and even that much would help. Your money won't be taken unless they make their target, and the payments are handled by Amazon (is there anyone on the internet who doesn't have an Amazon account?! If you don't, you can also donate via Paypal - scroll right down the Kickstarter page for a link). If you can't give any money, you can still spread the word and help the project find more donors.

As this video explains, there's no way we can ever clean up the mess we've already made - but we could stop making more.

MIDWAY - Plastic Beach from Midway on Vimeo.

Chris Jordan's film about the Midway albatrosses promises to be terribly sad, shocking, and very beautiful: a work of art and a call to action. As Chris asks in the trailer on the Kickstarter page (which is different to the one at the top of this post), "Do we have the courage to face the realities of our time? Allow ourselves to feel deeply enough that it transforms us, and our future?"

UPDATE 15 July: The project has reached its funding goal on Kickstarter! Hurray! You can still pledge to them if you want to, though.


  1. Thanks for post in this! This is such an important issue. It is so easy to think, well there is nothing I can do but we all can change our behaviors!
    I will go straight ahead and make my pledge
    - Oh and thanks for your visit and the vegetarian link!

    1. Yes, we can all make changes, and we also need to start asking companies for alternative packaging - I'm actually finding it easier to choose non-plastic alternatives for big things (laundry baskets, chopping boards, storage boxes) than for small single-use things (e.g. try to find a bottle of olive oil with no plastic in the cap!). How great that you pledged something towards the film - they've found nearly 100 new backers since yesterday, so hopefully they'll reach their target!