Friday, 2 December 2011

New threads

Just a quick post to say that you can now buy 100% certified organic cotton sewing thread here in the UK. The best part is that it comes on a WOODEN REEL! As if that wasn't exciting enough, the wood is reclaimed. Somebody has thought this through. I've yet to discover if they've remembered to do away with the little plastic wrapper - here's hoping. I'm still working my way through the rainbow of polyester (petroleum!) thread that came with my sewing machine, but now I know what to do when it runs out.
It's not that long since wooden reels were the norm - my grandmother
 unearthed these old Italian threads while re-organising a cupboard recently
(Red and white fabric in the background from Gossypium)
The Organic Cotton shop has 11 colours and large reels (I've observed a little bit of imperial/metric confusion on this site before so I've asked whether these are really 300 yards or 300 metres) at a price that does compare well to good-quality non-organic cotton thread. Be sure to request plastic-free packaging on your order - they can do it but they won't unless you ask.

Greenfibres has 34 colours but only 100m reels, and the price comparison is less favourable. But then the conventional thread has costs that we, the end consumers, don't pay directly - the cotton farmers and their families and communities and the planet pay instead. Baby albatross pay when the plastic reels end up in their stomachs. Maybe I can afford to take responsibility and pay more for my thread.

The wooden reel could probably become a crafting material in its own right when the thread runs out, too - I'm picturing light/blind cord pulls, keyrings, Christmas decorations, perhaps even quirky necklaces... A little set of organic cotton threads might be a useful, thoughtful gift for the conscious crafter in your life.