Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Make do & mend

An easy repair job: the string of glass beads that my sister brought back for me from Ghana nine or ten years ago.  I think they've been waiting for re-threading for about half that time; it's so long since I last wore them that I almost feel like they're new.  Not too much thinking involved so just right for a tired afternoon.  Well, apart from the slightly sweary bit when I had to tie the new (elastic) string and some of the beads flew off and distributed themselves around the room - three times.  In the end a few got left behind because they only showed up after the knot had eventually been made.  (Those ones are now in my bead tin and will get used on something else.)
The elastic beading thread was something I bought a few years ago.  It must be made of plastic, so I'd think twice before buying any more.  Even non-organic cotton would at least be biodegradable - so next time these beads are re-threaded it might be onto old-school string like the broken stuff in the picture.
I know that some people would have put the whole lot in the bin rather than spend a little time re-threading it.  Have you got anything that's waiting to be fixed?  In this age of consumer capitalism, mending something can feel like a quiet little act of subversion.