Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Happy Summer Solstice!  I wish we'd all make more of the astronomical markers in the year: the solstices (lightest and darkest days) and the equinoxes (the mid-points between the lightest and darkest).  They seem to be thought of as the preserve of hippies and pagans.  But they're scientific holidays - clearly definable moments in the Earth's movement around the Sun.  Wouldn't it make more sense to celebrate those than the various religious dates we all mark?  No stories, no agenda, just: this day has more hours of daylight than any other in the year.  Pretty much everyone can agree on that, I should think.

We've had half of the good stuff, but we've still got half to go

By the way, let's not think of it as being all downhill from here.  Much better to remember that we're only halfway through the lightest half of the year.  (But perhaps we'll reverse that thinking at the Winter Solstice - from there, things can only get better!)

(We don't eat on the floor - the food was down there for posing purposes only)

So, how are you celebrating?  It doesn't have to be anything grand, and it certainly doesn't have to involve buying gifts.  You could get outside and appreciate the Sun (if it's showing itself where you are), and eat something seasonal for dinner; I made a variation on this beetroot and nectarine salad earlier in the week and it was very good (with a variation on this gluten-free soda bread).  You could even just eat a bowl of cherries - they're in season here in the UK right now, which is reason enough to celebrate in itself!